Schedule updated monthly

Some of our hosts travel from out of town, occasionally last minute cancellations are unavoidable.   Please click here for updates.



Meditation workshops

 SUNDAYS are focused on healing, learn to move healing energy and to receive it 3-5 pm, MONDAYS focus on self awareness, learning to be in the present moment & THURSDAYS are focused on manifestation, how to manifest 6-8pm   $15

Discussion: chakra as energy centres and how the energy works through. What to do when energy stagnates and what can happen as results?

Guided meditation through heart centre and self enquires-awareness/mindfulness method

Energy Meditation hosted by Narry  

Get in touch with the intelligence within oneself and let it guide us into the stillness that will help restore the energy for what’s to come.   Learn to be present in the stillness and cultivate more self awareness.  Calm the mind,  heal the body and enrich the soul.



Bathe yourself in the nurturing vibration of unconditional love.

Guided meditation with a crystal singing bowl tuned to the high heart frequency F#.

Each week you will also learn about a new crystal and the supportive energies of the mineral kingdom

 Host Susan Mason-Apps              $22


1-2:30pm Private & Semi-private

By appointment:  Guided breath using yoga meditation followed by guided meditation in Buddhist traditions hosted by Narry Narry-Joy Narapan Ngamying

*Includes a basic yoga warmup and light stretching (come in lose attires and blanket/yoga mat and maybe pillows)    $50 per person


10 – 11am

Join us for Rabbit Whole Holistics Meditation Series on Harmonizing the Heart & the Brain

November 15th – The Brain
November 22- The Heart
December 6- Harmonizing the Heart & the Brain

Did you know your brain & heart share neural networks, neural pathways & carry there own memories.
The heart can learn, think & re-member separately from the brain.
With-in Western Civilization we tend to disregard the memory of the heart as we become so connected & conditioned to the mind.

Creating a heart & brain Awakening will empower us to experience deeper states of intuition & the capability to do it on demand.

Tune your heart through mindfulness practice 💜   $22


7-8 PM   

December 11th

Croc-E  Elemental flow- acoustic meditation.    Born in the Sub-Arctic and having spent most of his life in sun kissed South Africa, Croc-e Moses recently moved to Markdale to be with family. With his roots as a drummer and his wings as a poet who journeys the parameters of consciousness, he now finds home in his guitar and voice. Fusing gentle African rhythms with ancient languages from Swaziland and Capetown, his music weaves expansive magical sonic landscapes that are deeply relaxing and inspirational.        $22    Followed by light refreshments & media lab 

* PREREGISTER to save your spot, space is limited



Do quantum physics, neuroscience, world religions and native teachings overlap?    The power of the full moon moves the tides, perhaps it can also shift our collective awareness.   We are happy to provide a safe, open hearted, open minded conversation space to discuss these questions.  Non structured.    8pm every full moon.    Follow our social media for dates.    By donation

“Media labs are liminal but increasingly powerful spaces in many contemporary settings. They appear in universities and colleges, wedged uneasily between traditional departments and faculties. They’re also in basements, warehouses, strip malls and squats. They are stable to varying degrees; many have long-term addresses and an itinerant roster of occupants. Some pop up in one location for a few days, then relocate to another. Sometimes they’re even in mobile trucks in the streets, bringing tools and expertise to children in schools and the general public. As clusters of tools and talent streamlined to produce economic value, labs sometime align with the most ruthless of venture capitalists; in other cases, they are free and open for all to use, disdainful of all commercial motivations. ”

Hours of operation vary with the season

Wednesday – Saturday 11:11 – 4:44

Sunday – Tuesday  open by chance or by appointment.

Please use rear Practitioner entrance for meditations & appointments.