SUNDAYS   3-6 pm

Energy Meditation Workshop hosted by Narry-Joy Narapan Ngamying:   Themes vary weekly  

NEW series beginning  July 14th, please contact Narry to register

Get in touch with the intelligence within oneself and let it guide us into the stillness that will help restore the energy for what’s to come.

Dr. Joe Dispenza’s talk: Law of Attractions-15 mins (varies weekly)
followed by guided meditation in Buddhist traditions-1:00hr. 
and Dharma Talk later on at 5 for 50 mins. 
Closing with general discussions and share experiences.

Learn to be present in the stillness and cultivate more self awareness. 
Calm the mind,
Heal the body and
Enrich the soul.

Fee is by donation, all donations are appreciated.  To reserve your spot email Narry  or Text 705-351-2669


MONDAYS 6-7 pm   

*NO meditations take place on holiday mondays.    Hosts vary weekly   $20

Croc-E  Elemental flow- acoustic meditation.    Born in the Sub-Arctic and having spent most of his life in sun kissed South Africa, Croc-e Moses recently moved to Markdale to be with family. With his roots as a drummer and his wings as a poet who journeys the parameters of consciousness, he now finds home in his guitar and voice. Fusing gentle African rhythms with ancient languages from Swaziland and Capetown, his music weaves expansive magical sonic landscapes that are deeply relaxing and inspirational.  Croc-e facilitates the meditation on the 1st Monday of each month

Susan Mason-Apps  uses healing sound to her guided visualization meditation: crystal singing bowl, spirit drum, and tibetan singing bowls will deepen and expand your meditation experience. 

Brittany Rozel of Rabbit Whole Holistics    Helps deepen your soul connections through this Reiki Infused Guided Meditation.  Journey far beyond, into the inner worlds. “Your Awakening Begins”

Call or join visit our Facebook page to see who that week’s host will be.    Call 226-665-1911 before 3pm Mondays to reserve your spot, space is limited.


Brittany Rozel of Rabbit Whole Holistics helps deepen your soul connections through this Reiki Infused Guided Meditation.   “Your Awakening Begins”     

Join us for our first Mindfulness Meditation Series with Rabbit Whole Holistics. Starting June 6th, these sessions will be held Thursday mornings at 10am.
Our first series will be Healing of the Four Elements. The Elements of life connect us together into wholeness.
Earth, Water, Fire, & Air are essential parts of matter in our physical universe. We as a whole are governed by these four elements. 
Mindfulness is something we naturally possess. 
Practice & Patience helps us to rediscover this gift.
Your mind, body, heart & soul all “heal” through meditation. 
A regular practice of meditation will aid and improve the following, and so much more.
*Trauma, Pain, Anxiety, & Stress
*Heart Health & Immunity
*Emotional Wellbeing & Balance
*Self Awareness & Mindfulness
*Spiritual & Metaphysical Enlightenment 
*Sleep Disorders 
Cost for the 4 week series is $88.88
Drop in Fees are: $25.55
Register today to reserve your spot at Rocky Shores Health & Wellness (226) 665-1911 or Rabbit Whole Holistics (226)919-5313

Hours of operation vary with the season

Wednesday – Saturday 11:11 – 4:44

Sunday – Tuesday  open by chance or by appointment.   Please use rear Practitioner entrance for meditations & appointments.