Brittany Roselle

Brittany Roselle-Rabbit Whole Holistics

“A journey awaits when one chooses to see whats not seen”

I am Brittany Roselle owner & creator of Rabbit Whole Holistics in association with The Blushing Bunny Natural Bath Co. I am a certified Reiki Practitioner who fuses Ether & Nature into balance as one journeys into universal consciousness. Animal & Soul Communications as well as Akashic Record training & certification has enhanced my personal journey & gifts to share with you all at this present time.

Throughout my experience I have opened a form of healing which I call Soul Path Reiki. This healing modality assists one shedding layers & opening space to heal. A new vibration may not be held with an old vibration. Through this form of healing we create space for a new vibration to emerge. During sessions, individuals experience astral projection, past life & time-line recognition, release, and much more.

This session is for individuals who are called to dive deep into their soul. To re-member, re-connect & move into their divine vibration. The only time is “Now” when will you choose to take that leap into the rabbit whole?Rabbit Whole Holistics also offers a variety of services:

*Akashic Record Readings

*Reiki Infused Guided Meditations

*Guided Meditations

*Oracle/Tarot Channeled Card Readings

*Animal Soul Communications

*A variety of transformational programs

*& much more…

I am grateful to be able to guide you through your personal transformation into your true authentic self. I am honoured to be able to share my awareness, tools, wisdom & love that I have gained throughout my earth walk journey. Thank you for your love & support. Choose to be mindful. Honour your body, mind & spirit connection. After all we are all Whole.

“Your Awakening Begins”

Brittany Roselle: 226-919-5313