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Join one of our open meditations or invite your friends / family for a private group guided meditation!

Choose one of our themes and share a live, interactive online mediation with your friends and/or family members in the comfort of your own homes.

  • send healing group energy to someone you love
  • learn how to meditate with your group
  • loving / kindness, mindfulness, body scan or personalized meditations

Virtually meditate with family overseas or friends & neighbours who are social distancing! Email or call for details:)

Meditation Sessions
We will be online about 10-15 minutes before the meditation session starts.  Before we start meditating, feel free to turn on your video so that we can say Hi and see each other. We can keep all the video feeds open while we are meditating, but please mute your microphone during the meditation session.  You can turn your video camera on or off, whichever you feel most comfortable with.

Thursday June 4th at 6:33 pm

Join Rabbit Whole Holistics Thursday June 4th at 6:33 pm as you are guided into the Halls of Amenti.

This guided meditation is to assist you in shifting your vibration for Earths ascension process.

Our 5th dimensional Blue print for our Earth was established in the Golden Era of Atlantis.

Many are awakening & arising to their Self-Mastery on Earth through the re-collection of these teachings.

The Halls of Amenti are guarded by the Legions of Anubis.

It is time turn inward & recognize the self-reliance of our ascension is in our hands. 

This cosmic library is held in the higher realms. 

There are 7 levels & several entrance points too access into the Halls of Amenti.

You will be guided to the level & entrance way in which is in alignment with your Soul.

You will feel & know if it is time to make this connection.

Please contact Brittany to reserve your space for this event.

When: Thursday June 4th @ 6:33pm Where: Zoom Private Meeting $22.22

“Your Awakening Begins”

Brittany Roselle 226-919-5313

Private & group online meditations available upon request.