Weekly & Seasonal Series


Moon Manifestation Series

10 – 11am

Postponed until further notice

Have you made the commitment to connect deeper into meditation this 2020?

Join Brittany of Rabbit Whole Holistics Friday January 24, 2020 with our Moon Manifestation Series.

The 24th is the New Moon in Aquarius.
This sign is observed to be our “awakening”.

The New Moon vibration connects us to get clear on our intentions.
What do you choose to align & manifest with-in these high vibrations?
What energies are you choosing to draw into your life?

Investment: $22.22
*Please bring journal & pen

To reserve your space please contact Rocky 226-665-1911.

Singing Bowl & Crystals 101 Meditation Series (Seasonal, register at Rocky)

Come out for a bit of insight and inspiration!

Susan discusses the current Cosmic energies and how they are potentially impacting you and shares insight to help you navigate them.  She will also lead a Guided Visualization Meditation to help you to relax, ground and expand!  

Susan shares a crystal or gemstone each week that may support you in your meditation and on your journey.  The meditation is accompanied by the healing vibrations of the Crystal Bowl and Spirit Drum.

Host Susan Mason-Apps is a scientist, healer and visionary, Susan is the founder of the Magical Life Institute TM and creator of the Inner Journey Alchemy TM process.  Her unique expertise synthesizes her diverse backgrounds in science (Master of Science Biology/Gene Expression), energy (Reiki, Crystals and Biofeedback), and spirituality (Spiritual Health Coach and Certified Divine Navigation Coach TM).            $22